DHP1, or Diesel Hydraulic Prototype 1, was a joint venture between Clayton Equipment Company and Rolls Royce. The body was based on the Class 17 produced by Clayton as a standard Type 1 loco for British Rail, which unfortunately proved to be very unreliable and was withdrawn after a very short life. Power came from four Rolls Royce C8 engines of 375hp linked through Rolls Royce torque converters and final drives.


The design was inspired by the prototype Fell locomotive with four engines through a mechanical gearbox, with Colonel Fell himself credited in the design team. Unfortunately this loco proved to be as unsuccessful as both the Fell and the Class 17. The problem seems to be related to engine overheating as the radiators were positioned in the nose ends rather than the sides, meaning the faster the loco travelled the less air passed through the rear radiator panels causing overheating.


So far we have enough drawings to rebuild the body and bogies. The problem is finding identical, or similar, engines and transmission components. The search continues and once the final pieces fall into place the project will earn it place in the production queue.