Unfortunately there’s currently a problem with the site we hold our galleries on. We hope to restore them in the near future.

We are working on establishing a collection of photographs of every locomotive made by BRCW until they closed in 1963, all 285 of them. We are also sourcing as many photos of coaches, wagons and multiple units as we find covering items produced for many overseas companies as well as for the UK market. The full gallery is hosted on the Clickasnap website. The Clickasnap site pays a small fee for each photo visitors view, by clicking on the individual photos you help make a contribution towards our goals.


There are also albums for Class 26, Class 27, Class 33 and Class 81. If you’re a real glutton for punishment you can work your way through the entire photo collection here.


Some locos are easier to find than others, for some reason the Irish Class B101 locos are particularly scarce. If you have any photos you wish to contribute to the collection please contact us through the Facebook page or email