News Updates

4th October 2021

Our first jigsaw will be delivered later this month, a 1,000 piece of Nick Harling’s Blue Pullman White Peak painting. You can order your jigsaw here and a copy of the painting itself  here.




1st October 2021

Porterbrook have very kindly donated a pair of bogies that were fitted as part of testing of the Class 457 Networker. They are some of the ealiest 3 phase AC motors which have since gone on to increase power and reduce weight.

1st August 2021

Shares are now available in Project 210. Once you’ve become a member of the BRCW Support Group you are clear to buy shares in the project, either individual shares or a regular payment to build up your shareholding. Contact us for more details.


16th July 2021

We are delighted to announce the we have secured the only Paxman 6RP200L ever made. Formerly installed in 210 001 it was donated to the Anson Engine Museum after a spell at the Paxman works training school. The engine will be used in creating 210 003. More details on the project here