New Home

After 56 years BRCW is going home. We’ve been offered the old Test House used to check all the locos before hand over. We will be setting up a museum and workshop. We have a page on just giving if you wish to donate,

Museum Announcement Soon

An announcement on the location of our museum is expected very shortly. We are currently waiting for the site owner to complete some work on their own part of the building before we can negotiate for the remainder.

We hope you will be able to help out with getting the place ready to open, whether you can donate money or your labour skills we would be very grateful. There will also be a display of models of as many BRCW products as we can, so if you have any spare items you could lend/donate please get in touch. I have a few models already, including two kits of the NSU locos sent to Australia so we will have both the NSU and very similar Sierra Leone locos for the collection.