Project 210 update

The project continues to make more turns than a mountain pass. The effort to secure a Trailer Composite to make a proper 4 car outer suburban unit looked to have failed at the end of last week. This week we tried to find out more about the coach at Oracle in Reading and suddenly found ourselves in contact with someone who does a lot of business with the leasing company. He has now offered to try and save the day! Fingers crossed he is successful.

Blue Pullman News

Today we announced that we will be constructing a mock up of a Blue Pullman cab. It will be made out of wood and will be mounted on a trailer so that we can get it to as many events as possible. If you have woodworking skills and would like to be involved then please get in touch. Location should be on the western side of Birmingham and will be announced as soon as we have signed an agreement.


As things are moving forward we’ve put a fundraiser up on Facebook. This is a test of the facebook donation app to make sure everything is working correctly and things like the bank account is connected properly. All money raised will help get new lines ready for the shop which will form part of the museum, as well as on here, and provide some spare money to help pay for the work needed. If you can spare a few pennies please pop over to the facebook page and click on the donation link.